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Hello! Call me Narri.
I'm the cutest Dutch commie teenager that you'll ever meet.

Well, maybe I'm not a real communist, but I AM damn cute and want to share my joy with everyone and that's what counts!
( ´・ω・`)

I like drawing OC's, cosplaying and being dumb.

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steampunk, nature, funny pictures and textposts, my own art, OCs, cosplays, WW2 history stuff, Soviet Union stuff, Russia, LGBT rights, feminism and some anime.

I do not reblog neo-nazi stuff or overly offensive things!

After a long long wait… Here! The pictures of our cosplay adventure at EFF 2013, in the Netherlands!

Me and my best friend as Fem!Jester and Fem!Skye.

We wanted to do more serious pictures but just ended up taking pictures with other people with amazing cosplays or costumes :>

The top picture was taken by a professional photographer (one of the many that asked to take pictures of us haha) name Marcel.

Skye: hobowithahome

Jester: Me

ps. My friend will post some more great pictures of, for example, Skye at a waffle stand (if you’re into that ahaha) some other time~


Skye and Jester are Aishaneko's OCs!